Hydraulic two knives veneer pack guillotine shear - CE Standard 

  • Description:
  • Sturdy steel made structure, cast iron knife beam. Self-lubrificating prismatic slide-ways
  • The machine allows, with a single operation, to cut the veneer pack on both sides to be trimmed - The simultaneous trimming on two sides of the veneer pack is carried out thanks to the movement  at the same time, of two knives, one fitted on a fixed structure and the other one  on a moving part - The machine is equipped with an adjustable rear shoulder, as well as with a pressor  to clamp the veneer pack during cutting operations.
  • Possibility of working as a single guillotine shear
  • Useful cutting length (as double guillotine shear) mm 3200
  • Useful cutting length (as single guillotine shear) mm 3550
  • Pressore stroke mm 100
  • Pressor width mm 550
  • Min width to be cut mm 18
  • Max width to be cut mm 530
  • Scrap adjustment field mm 0/50
  • Photoelectric cells
  • Electronic programmer allowing to program the number of cuts to be effectuated and the relevant width
  • Perimeter protections
  • Total power installed  Kw 13, 9
  • Operating pressure bar 6/7
  • Overall dimensions mm 5200 x 1700 x 1800 h
  • Weight kg 9000



IT/310 - Norme CE

Cortadora automática para contrachapado - Normas CE

  • Ciclo de trabajo automático
  • Movimiento del prensador hidráulico
  • Movimiento motorizado de la hoja
  • Robustos soportes delanteros y traseros de acero
  • Longitud de corte 3100 mm
  • Altura de corte 45 mm
  • Registro trasero eléctrico
  • Luz visualizadora de corte
  • Potencia del motor Hp 5,5
  • Fotocélulas de seguridad
  • Dimensiones totales de la máquina montada: 4100 x 1600 x 1500 h
  • Peso kg 2200 



€ 800,00

Cuchilla (hoja) de acero integral para cortadora para contrachapado 3600 mm

  • Longitud 3700 mm
  • Altura 110 mm
  • Espesor 12 mm