Mechanical press for cold gluing

  • Equipped with a motor that is operated by a switch with automatic return. This switch controls the movements of the mobile platen towards or away from the panels, while the required pressure and the release are controlled by a handwheel, which is on the side of the press. This system allows for maximum pressure with minimum effort
  • Platen dimension mm 2500 x 1200
  • Opening mm 650
  • Pressure screw n°2
  • Installed power Hp 0,75
  • Overall dimensions: mm 2850 x 1200 x 1650 h
  • Weight kg 880
Hydraulic cold press for panels, furniture, customised furnishings, kitchens, composite materials, insulating materials, aluminium, and other material
  • Platens dimensions mm 2500 x 1200
  • Opening width mm 400
  • N° 4 pistons diameter mm 50
  • Hydraulic power unit  motor Hp 1 
  • Double push-button panel for closing the platens
  • Emergency perimeter rope
  • Overall dimensions: mm 2850 x 1350 x 1800 h
  • Weight kg 1500

Technical Assistance

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Inspection of used machines

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