Automatic horizontal panel saw with clamps for cutting wood panels, multilayer panels, furniture, composite materials, sandwich panels and various materials, CE Standard

  • Cutting dimensions mm 4400 x 4300
  • Blade projection mm 105
  • Blade carriage: feed speed 5/100 mt/min - return speed 100 mt/min
  • Main blade diameter mm 380 - Motor Hp 15
  • Scoring blade diameter 180 mm - Motor Hp 2
  • Pusher: feed speed 1/25 mt/min - return speed 60 mt/min
  • Frontal loading of panel stack and pusher with clamps
  • N° 3 front air cushion tables
  • Automatic pusher with side upper guides equipped with 7 pneumatic clamps. The steel clamps keep the stack blocked throughout the panel sizing cycle up to the last trim cut.
  • Automatic lateral aligner
  • Automatic adjustment of the blade projection in relation to the height of the pack to be sawn.
  • Electronic control of the speed and position of the saw carriage
  • Easy access to the saw carriage
  • Pneumatic unit for rapid tool removal
  • G-VISION control: Giben machine control software installed on a PC. Multi-tasking Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT operating system for easy networking
  • Advantages: Sequential control of cutting patterns, number of panels, and pattern sequence change. Parametric control of the feed speed of the saw carriage according to the stack height and trim width. Direct control of machine functions. Setting of cutting patterns.
  • Suction: diameter suction inlets  200 mm 
  • Compressed air 6-7 bar
  • Overall dimensions of assembled machine: mm 6400 x 7500 x 1800 h
  • Overall dimensions for transport: machine mm 6500 x 1500 x 1800 h - pusher mm 5200 x 1200 x 1200 h 
  • Total weight kg 3500


Technical Assistance

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Delivery service carried out by the company or a courier service. If required we also perform assembly and testing.

Inspection of used machines

Inspection, replacement of worn parts, modifications necessary for adherence to current regulations, paintwork.

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