Overhead guard for circular saws - Guard type CX can be fitted on any circular saw with worktable, whether provided with scoring or post-forming unit or not. It is composed of: (1) a hood covering the blade unit, (2) a supporting arm, (3) a support, (4) a fastener to machine bed. When performing a cut, with handle (5) raise the hood parallel to worktable just that much to allow the workpiece to pass underneath. The left side (6) made of a transparent material allows the operator to see the blade and the workpiece being cut. The suction outlet f 100 mm, to be connected with the exhaustion plant, was conceived so to ensure maximum performance when hood is completely down, resting against the workpiece surface. The right side of the guard is easily interchangeable with a broader one (7) to enable the execution of tilted cuts . Two workpiece pushers are serially supplied for the execution of special cut types

Guard for milling machines working with spindle - This guard can be fitted on all professional vertical spindle moulders with spindle max. diameter 50 mm and tool max. diameter 220 mm. This device allows to mill curved and circular pieces. Milling depth micrometric adjustment through knob n° 3. Aluminium rests n° 1 and workpiece clamp n° 2, both adjustable in height parallel to worktable, can be positioned as shown in fig. 4-5. Fence n° 6 can be fitted either on the left hand or on the right hand side of this guard according to spindle rotation sense (for machines with reverse rotation too). Brushes n° 7 and guard n° 5 contribute to an optimised suction of dusts and chips.