€ 8500,00

Cod. 0311

Automatic 4-roller glue spreader  for wood panels, laminates, technical panels, foamed, soundproofed, plasterboard, doors , suitable for uniform spreading of many fluid glue types, such as urea formaldehyde, resorcin, melamin, phenol resin, polyvinyl, and epoxyde adhesives etc.  It can also be inserted  in fully automatic cycles

  • Technical data:
  • Working width mm 1300
  • Max. passage between rollers mm 120
  • Spreading rollers diameter mm 250 coated with special anti-acid rubber
  • Independent motorization of the 2 spreading  units by  a motor reducer 
  • Dosing rollers  in ebonite diameter mm 190
  • Precise and uniform spreading  on both tops  of the panel, or on one top only
  • Uniform glue dosage
  • Special shockabsorbers on the roller supports allow the rollers an automatic opening depth ,so as  to spread panels of different thicknesses within  5 mm, they also  compensate for eventual  difference of parallelism of the panel 
  • Collecting tank of the glue and roller washing water, in  galvanized sheet iron, extractable, to facilitate cleaning 
  • Feed speed mt/min 19
  • Power of each motor Hp 0,75
  • Safety protections 
  • Overall dimensions mm 2250 x 1000 x 1500 h
  • Weight kg 900


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